How can I maximize my For Sale By Owner Real Estate Listing?

Real Estate is changing, you must market your property with social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Using these social sites allows Sellers the maximum exposure in this increasingly global market. Millennials as well as retiaries are increasingly mobile. They use computers and smartphones to manage their businesses remotely and can live anywhere they choose.

What other tools could I use to Maximize my Listing?

Sellers can use various services like Match Property Direct that gives the seller/ Home owner control over the prospects looking at their listing. The seller is contacted directly by the buyer to start the conversation. This way the seller can forward an email or chat conversation from a good prospect directly to their Real Estate Agent. For a small fee of $59.00/ 1 Month or $259.00 for 1 Year, Match Property Direct allows Sellers to advertise their property on the website which allows direct contact for buyers and sellers. It has never been so easy to be in control of the property selling process.

People are attracted to Real Estate by the weather and their hobbies and LOCATION!

We are a increasingly mobile society where buyers want to live where they can enjoy their passions as well as their work. What makes you happy about where you want to live? City life Style, Mountain life Style or Island Life Style? This is a major question that everyone should be asking themselves before they make a move and purchase a property.

 As a Seller you have the opportunity to talk about your hobbies, pets and lifestyle and how it relates to your property. This will allow possible buyers to relate / connect to you the seller and your property.


A buyer wants to live near the ocean? Great! A buyer wants to live near a dog park? Fantastic! Services like Match Property Direct allows Sellers to properly list these important details and amenities which can be a key selling point!

 Combining these amazing advertising tools found on social media and Match Property Direct along with your Real Estate Agent allows maximum exposure to possible buyers. Match Property Direct and related services allow the Seller more control over the buying prospects!

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