How Did For Sale By Owner Get Started?

Founder's Blog: What Sparked the Idea of Match Property Direct?

I am a realtor myself who realized that a lot of my clients were finding things on the internet themselves and then sending them to me. I would show the house to them and increasingly felt that I ended up putting the owner in touch with the buyer to talk about small but important details of their property.
The questions were sometimes personal ones like I can’t believe you love Golden Retrievers too ! I love Golden Retrievers !! Then all of a sudden the buyer and seller were “hitting it off “ and suddenly questions were flying around ? How do you like the Neighborhood ? Love the folks to the right they spend the summer in Capri and he is a fabulous cook ! We BBQ every wed night ! Oh there is a dog park ? Fantastic ! There is a Mexican restaurant around the corner ..... OMG I love Mexican food ! On and on ... by the time we had a real issue like the house needs a new roof ? Some of those problems did not seem so big ? The response from the buyer was but they are so nice and I really appreciate that the sellers are being honest with me about the roof ? The seller was now a friend !



For Sale By Owner - Match Property Direct was Born !

I thought it would be interesting to create a website that connects buyers and sellers directly through email ? Then they can get to know each other and arrange their own showings and talk about the specifics that they were interested in ? This way the seller would have control of the content, the photos, the timing of posting their house, price etc. on the site. They could tell their own story about why they love where they live and what is special about their house ? Why they are selling ? Communicate with the buyer directly through email and our on line chat feature ! I thought it could be set up like a dating site ! Once the terms and price were agreed on then they each contact their own personal paid Real Estate attorneys to close on the property !Bingo ! Sold ! ( I created Ebie The Sold Dog as the Match Property Direct Ambassador ) Buyers search the site for free and sellers pay a small fee ! I came up with this idea while visiting my father about 2 years ago and he was describing to me how difficult it was to get the local real estate community in Eastern part of the United States to see my Grandmothers house, a 1920s California bungalow, as a Bed and Breakfast business opportunity.
He went through with me about how to set up the business , who to market it too, how much to charge for room rates ! We were brainstorming about having weddings there ! Putting up outdoor tents ! Having beautiful garden cut flowers on hand , organic vegetables from Fannies garden and the charm of our small town ! He kept saying if only I could reach out to the world .. not be limited to our area ? Maybe a city dweller might want to change their career and switch up their lifestyle ?Maybe try a small town ? He felt his sure fire business model would work and with the way only he could explain it to a buyer and a buyer would see the opportunity to do well and create a new life ? Wow ! I thought yes I can see that there is a need for a more Direct and Personal -For Sale By Owner -Real Estate website.

Selling Your Home is personal!

A more personal way to buy and sell Real Estate to give both buyer and seller more control over the process. Comparable sales are easy enough to find on the internet ? There are many sites happy to give suggested price information for properties ?Sellers can load photos up on to the site from their smart phones ? The seller pays a small subscription fee $59 a month or $159 for 6 months or $259 for the year to subscribe and then have the ability to post their house, condo, land or Island on the site. Yes why not buy an island!
Buyers search for free ! They just log on ! Buyers contact the sellers through email and contact them directly to work out showings, price, due diligence ... then lawyers draw up the paperwork ! Wow ! No Commission ! My father loved the idea and I got busy working on it ! With not much internet experience and not much money, I read as many books as I could get my hands on ! Primarily “ Bold “ by Peter Diamond and Steve Kotler and “How Google Works “? There were others “Artist to Artist “ compiled by Clint Brown ? How is it going look ? How is going to function ? I want it to be clean and beautiful ? I want it to be very user friendly ? The big question is this going to work ? Deep down inside I had no fear ! I must move forward! The next question is but how ?? I turned to the internet ... Legal zoom and then Freelancer !! Wow I was on the road to success !!! Before I knew it people were encouraging me to move forward and give it a try !!! Now Moving forward and marketing through social media , family and friends ! Cool !Plus the best part about the site is that it is fun ! We have a Get the Web App drop down to show you how to put your house or the site on your phone and show people your house all the time ! At the supermarket ? At work ? At the dog park ? How much fun ! You might even have a friend that wants to buy it that had no idea you were a seller you just happen to run into them at the dry cleaners !
Sellers are posting their houses for sale and getting contacted from buyers all over the world. We encourage neighborhoods to sign up together to make it easy for them to work together and help sell each other’s houses. They can share tips and buyers ? They are meeting new people , strengthening the community, keeping the costs down by selling their house themselves ! We hope people will enjoy the user friendly site and have a lot of success ! We encourage users to post the site on their Facebook Page and all other social media sites. One percent of all net sales goes to an animal shelter that will be determined at the end of each year. We are committed to our global community , one person, one Neighborhood, one City at a time. Real Estate is emotional and a transaction. I hope Match Property Direct puts the personal and emotional components back into buying and selling property ! Your personal paid real estate attorney is taking care of the legal part of the transaction for you ! Rest, Destress and Get to know each other !


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