The Beginners Guide to Starting a Bed and Breakfast in 2018

A Bed and Breakfast will offer guests a relaxing homey experience that allows them to connect to the area they are staying in. Rather then stay in a expensive hotel, vacationers are finding great deals and experiences by staying in a Bed and Breakfast. Services like Airbnb allow everyone to market their home to anyone looking to visit where your Bed and Breakfast resides.

Additional income, entertaining your guests and providing a personal experience that no hotel can offer. These three points are the some of the many reasons starting a Bed a Breakfast could be for you! Like all business’s and starts ups rules and regulations are at play to insure you and your guests are safe and secure while enjoying your Bed and Breakfast.

Why a Bed and Breakfast?

A Bed and Breakfast can be a lucrative business that can generate a six figure income. Graphic Provided by:


Getting Started With your NEW Bed and Breakfast


Preparing to Start your Business

A Bed and Breakfast is considered a business. Just like any business there are some mandatory forms and paperwork that must be completed before you open your doors and start advertising/marketing your business. Here is a list of the requirements and documentation need for a bed and breakfast:

• Conditional use and sign permits (if required)
• Business license
• Business name and/or DBA registration
• Certificate of occupancy
• Account for transient/lodging taxes
• Sales tax account (seller’s permit)
• Federal and State Tax ID
• Business checking credit accounts
• Merchant account (to process credit cards)
• ServSafe food certification (if required)
• Health Department inspection
• Fire Department inspection
• Liquor license, if applicable
• Insurance (business, liability, property, and liquor liability if applicable)

• Property management/reservation and accounting software: 

Prepping your Home Before You Open Your Doors to Guests

Know The Needs of Guests - Having the thinking of aPerfectionist is Essential - Efforts will show based on Guests Reactions to their over all stay at your Bed and Breakfast
The goal of a Bed and Breakfast just like any business is to provide the best possible experience for your guests. Understanding the needs of your guest and providing them are very important. Here are key factors to consider before opening your doors to guests:

1. First things First Clean Clean Clean!
One major factor with any stay is cleanliness! People want to feel comfortable and clean! Having to worry about cleanliness shouldn’t be their responsibility. Insuring that the property is clean and ready for guests is your responsibility.
Insure that guests are coming into a clean room! Clean sheets & made beds, Dusted surfaces, Vacuumed floors, removed forgotten items from previous guests, replace anything broken.

The Bathroom: This room of the house deserve a separate section in this guide. Bathrooms in the eyes of many guests will be the source of germs and bacteria. As the owner insure that constant maintenance of the bathrooms is addressed daily! Key factors of a clean bathroom:
Use bleach to kill Germs and Bacteria - Insure waste baskets are emptied daily!
Clean Showers and Sinks. Replace Hand & Face Towels, Bathmats, soap, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, toilet paper and tissues.

2. Restock the Fine Amenities in Each Room
Essential: Clean Glassware, Water Bottles, Insure Remotes are put on nightstands or designated areas, leave extra blankets and pillows.
Insuring that these essential amenities are ready for each guest can insure a pleasant and comfortable experience for all!
Going above and beyond will always insure that your guests leave surprised and pleased. Here are some extra recommendations for your Bed and Breakfast:
• Display current magazines
• Add fresh candy to a dish
• Add guest book with pen
• Provide Info card with things like wifi information and emergency contact numbers. Thinking outside the box is essential and your efforts will show in the reactions of your pleased guests!

3. Get your Contacts for Essential Services in order
Things will constantly and randomly break! Always plan for the worst and have essential service provider contact information available for a moments notice!

Having a list of certified and trusted service providers like plumbers, electricians, ETC. will prove beneficial when something breaks or stops working. Always plan for the worst so that you can insure your guests don’t encounter any problem on their stay.

4. Marketing Your Bed and Breakfast with Online Tools and Services
Services like Airbnb will allow Bed and Breakfast owners to market their property to a huge world wide audience. This service allows you to properly book stays and reserve spots all within the Airbnb application on website. This has proven to be a key tool for anyone wanting to bring some traffic to their rental property or bed and breakfast.

Owning Your Own Bed and Breakfast - Buy an Investment

Not everyone reading this guide will have a property to develop into this bed and breakfast business venture. That's okay! If a bed and breakfast seem like good business decision for you then a new service called Match Property Direct (Learn More Here) will allow you to buy a bed and breakfast or even sell one! Buyers search for free and sellers pay a small fee.

As a Bed and Breakfast owner you are your own boss, you work from home and you get to offer an exceptional service to those who choose to vacation in your state or country!

Buy a Perfect Property for a Bed and Breakfast

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