Who is Ebie? Ebie is the Brand Ambassador for Match Property Direct. He travels the world looking to buy or sell Real Estate using our FOR SALE BY OWNER website. He reaches out to sellers/subscribers who want to sell their house(s) for a small fee. Buyers search for FREE!

Ebie is fine when in harmony but changeable when in discord. He is entertaining and impulsive, freedom is a necessity. He likes to buy real estate even though he finds it difficult to settle down. His versatility results in travel. His fine intellect is capable of high honors. He can be restless, changeable and very sexy! He has an eventful exciting life and is able to learn easily.

Creative and outgoing he is always looking for an opportunity to show his abilities, especially before an audience and especially when talking buying and selling real estate. He is very flexible and likes to feel appreciated. He looks for chances to mix with others socially and to communicate his ideas about real estate. Ebie likes to talk and relates easily to different cultures and concepts. His highly creative force leads to happiness by understanding his goals. Most of all Ebie loves to buy and sell real estate through MatchPropertyDirect.com