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  • Barbara Brooks
    11th Jun 2018

    It Works
    The service works great and its all very automated! I uploaded my property and waited for possible buyers to contact me.
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  • Lisa Lurk
    1st Jun 2018

    It does the work for you
    You can still have a realtor and use Match Property Direct, that’s my favorite part! Its like your property is being marketed for you
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  • Martha Freeman
    1st Jun 2018

    Selling is Easy!
    At first I thought that selling a home would involve a lot of work. I was wrong, not only was it easy but also a huge money saver. Skipping the commission and avoiding a middleman allows direct and fast communication and control.
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  • Matt Hemsway
    25th May 2018

    Amazing Service
    The service is very easy to use. Search for a property your interested in and email the seller directly, its that simple!!!
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  • Jack Long
    25th May 2018

    What a Great Service
    I went on Match Property Direct and I emailed the seller of South Wind in NC. He was so nice and helpful! After the email we made arrangements for me to see the property and I can’t wait! It seems to be exactly what i’m looking for! I’m coming from California and I live on the ocean there so this beach house looks like the perfect fit.
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