Q: I thought that Real Estate was Local?

It can be! With the world wide web we believe that buyers and sellers can come together from all over the world or around the corner. Buyers and Sellers communicate with each other directly through email to start the conversation. After a relationship is established, you will be able to communicate through our chat feature and or social media for direct communication between buyer and seller.

Q:Why is this for sale by owner site different?

At Match Property DirectTM the goal is for buyer to email the seller with questions about their property to setup showings and to negotiate the sale. The buyer and seller use their own personal local attorney to close on the property. No Commission!


Q: Who inputs all the information for you to sign up?

A: You do! Buyers register as a Buyer and Sellers register as a Seller.


Q: You need to Verify your Email Address.

A: You will get a Confirmation Email in your inbox for security purposes. Email did not arrive in your inbox? Please make sure that you check your spam and or junk folder. Once the email is found click the link on the email where is says "Click here" to verify your account.


Q: How, When and Who Pays?

A: Seller Registers on the site and the site redirects seller to the dashboard. Seller inputs their Credit Card information into Stripe when they are ready to make the property live. They upload the property details and pictures. Buyer can search for properties and contact the sellers for free.


Q: Is Stripe a secure way to pay?

Yes! Click Here to Learn More About Stripe


Q: How to Upload Photos?

A: Seller can use a smart phone or computer to upload photos. View Helpful Hints for more information.


Q: Can Seller Make Changes to a property once it is posted on the site.

A: Yes! Seller must go to the Seller Maintenance button found at the top of the page and that will redirected them to the Sellers Dashboard. From there click properties > Edit Property and select desired property to edit.

Q: What to do after your property is SOLD?

A: Once your property is SOLD users must navigate to the Sellers Dashboard, Click Properties and Click "Sold Properties" and click " Mark as Sold" for each property that has been sold. "Ebie" the Sold Dog will popup on each property that is marked as Sold to notify possible Buyers that the property is no longer available. Users are able to Delete the property after it is Sold by pushing the Delete Button on the Sellers Dashboard.

Ebie the Sold Dog

This is Ebie the Sold Dog! Once a property is sold Ebie will appear at the bottom of the property.  

Q: What if I get unwanted people contacting me? 

A: Simple! Don't respond to them! Users are able to block people on smart phones and mark unwanted emails as junk or spam. Remember you are in charge!


Q:What if you want to create an email only to use for Match Property DirectTM?

A: Yes this is an option! You can create a separate email to use just for the Match Property DirectTM website this protects your privacy and keeps your inquires organized. This will help with communications between Buyers and Sellers.

Q: Can I list Multiple Properties on Match Property DirectTM?

A: Yes! Please note each property requires a separate paid Subscription. Sellers must pay for a Subscription of their choice then upload their additional properties. This must be done after each new property Upload. Sellers have the option of subscribing for 1 month - $59, 6 months - $ 159 and 1 year - $ 259 dollars.


Q: Where are Terms and Conditions - Privacy Policy - Content Guidelines located?

A: At the bottom of each page located in the footer you can find Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Content Guidelines. We appreciate you signing up to our Match Property DirectTM website. We feel that we offer a beautiful user friendly way to sell and buy properties. We wish you success!!


Q: What if I like having a Real Estate Agent? 

A: Great! You can use Match Property DirectTM as a advertising vehicle for your property. You still pay the subscription fee and post your property as a for sale by owner would do! You can respond to the inquiry from a potential buyer and or forward the inquiry to your Relator! You are in Charge!

Q:Does that mean that if I still decide to use a Real Estate Agent that I still have to pay them commission?

Yes! You would operate as you normally would with your choice of Real Estate Agents. Then you would be using Match Property DirectTM as an advertising platform to help and assist your Real Estate Agent by having potential buyers contacting you directly.


Q:Does Match Property DirectTM edit the information for you?

This website is very easy to use and easy to maintain by the seller. The seller edits their own property! You are in charge!


Q:How can I maximize my listing on Match Property Direct’s Website?

A:By putting the Web App on your Smart Phone or Tablet you can pull up your listings at any time and show photos of your property. This allows you to talk with people about why your property is special, they might know a buyer for your property! Please share your property and the Match Property DirectTM website with your Facebook friends and other Social Media accounts. Start the conversation! You are in charge! 


Q: Why is putting the Web App on your Smart Phone or Tablet a Good Idea?

A: Its Fun and Free! You can check the status of your listing on the go! Show your property to people all day long! You never know who your Buyer will be? You may be on an airplane, at the grocery store, at the playground or on the subway? When you put the Web App on your Smart Phone or Tablet this allows you to pull up your property and show your photos! Start the conversation!

Learn How to get the Web App


Warm Regards

Match Property DirectTM Team